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Customized INSpection and control

Regardless of your action plan needs, we give you customized control ...

We believe our clients have the right to live and work in a pest free environment without the concern of harmful materials. All of our training, service strategies and quality control programs have been designed to provide our clients with the least risk and lowest cost.

Pest Inspection
Our initial service consists of a pest inspection in the places where problems have been routinely noticed, and where problems are most likely to occur. These areas are inspected thoroughly for pest activity to determine the appropriate control measures to eliminate the condition, if found.
Pest Control Action Plan
All accessible areas that harbor insects will be treated with a crack and crevice spray every three months. During two of the visits, most often in the spring and summer, the technician will apply exterior pest control.

Documented Service Report
During every pest control upkeep service, you will be provided with a service report to identify the materials used, where they were used, and what your home or business was treated for. You will also get recommendation about correcting sanitation deficiencies, storage practices, and information about correcting other concerns. Of course, we will also respond to any special service requests.

Once your problems are cleared up to your satisfaction, Action Exterminator Company, Inc. will begin a quarterly service schedule. We set specific days and times for your service, so you will always know when you can expect your technician. This allows you to schedule appointments that fit your schedule. You can choose from one-time service, or a monthly, quarterly, or yearly option.